Robo 1.1

Help your robot escape from jail


  • Challenging gameplay
  • Smart graphics and animation


  • Can become frustrating

Very good

Personally, I love robots and I hate to see them imprisoned, so when I heard about this game I was understandably quite excited.

The objective here is to help Robo the robot escape from one of the most secure jails on the entire planet (quite which planet, I'm still not sure). It doesn't prove to be very easy and there are all sorts of obstacles blocking his escape that you'll need to blast with your laser.

Robo is quite involving, especially for a mobile game, and there are a total of 25 increasingly difficult levels to get through. Along the way, you need to solve hundreds of different puzzles that really get your neurons going, which makes this an ideal one for getting your brain in gear on the bus to work.

The graphics and sounds are well put together, making this an altogether cracking game to while away the hours.

People say that danger sharpens your mind. It's time to find out whether it's true or not. Robo is trapped at a secret military base. The passages that lead to the exit are guarded by laser cannons. Fortunately, there are some bombs that can be used to destroy the cannons and some stones that can be used to block laser beams.

Both are in short supply, so you will have to be very resourceful. Think carefully - one mistake and Robo will be melted down with the laser beam or left trapped in the base forever, if you run out of bombs. If you are smart, you can use laser cannons to destroy each other. There are 25 increasingly difficult levels you will have to pass to liberate Robo from his prison.



Robo 1.1

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